Juan Diaz Site - Customer Care, Sales & Captioning Agents
Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to offer customer support through phone, to customers who have questions, concerns around a particular product or service.

You’re literally the voice of the brand, and a strong relationship between our clients and their customers starts with you. So only the awesome need apply!

KEY JOB RESPONSABILITIES • Communicate via inbound and outbound telephone calls with customers.
• Provide prompt resolution to customer inquiries by providing appropriate and accurate information.
• Accurately document and update records in required systems.
• Understand all programs, systems, and procedures necessary to perform job effectively.
• Advanced English communications skills, both oral and written.
• Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office.
• High School Diploma and/or Highest Level of Education Certification/Diploma.
• National or foreigner with a valid work permit.


Health & Life Insurance
Onsite Clinic
Transportation (selected areas and times)
Education Grants
Performance Prizes
Cool Discounts (restaurants, phone, gym, car, stores, travel...)